How to Claim Lost and Found in Delta Airlines?

How to Claim Lost and Found in Delta Airlines?

Lost something on Delta Airlines Flight? No Worries! Delta Airlines help you t recover your lost items. Travelers across the world use Delta Airlines lost and found online reporting to claim lost items. Delta Airlines lost and found services agents process your to the necessary authorities to investigate the lost item. When a passenger submits the claim, the lost property report is filled with a global lost and found database, and a dedicated service agent is assigned your case.

  • To submit a claim for a lost item, you need to visit Delta Airlines' official site and have to fill lost and found form.
  • If a customer has lost an unchecked item onboard a Delta Airlines flight, the dedicated team will make every possible effort to find it as soon as possible
  • Items missing from checked baggage must be reported within 24 hours for domestic travel and 7 days for international travel.
  • Once a Delta Airline representative has provided a reference number, a passenger has to complete and submit the claim form within 30 days from the reported date.

Benefits of Delta Reservations Online?

You can see what are the benefits which Delta Airlines provides. Delta Airlines offers an easy way to select Delta Airline Booking from the website. Delta Airlines offers all the facilities for a contended journey. There are many contented in-flight services and an easy check-in process.

Also, a customer care service is provided by Delta Airlines.

You can get book Tickets with an easy cancellation process, refund policy, and name change policy.

How It Actually Works?

  • A customer has to submit a report of the lost item and pay the search fee to start the investigation of your lost item.
  • Once Delta Airlines receives your lost item report, they assign an account manager to your case
  • An account manager will take care of the search and will update you regularly about the progress of the investigation
  • The dedicated team of Delta Airlines matches all the found items at particular flight with the details given by the customer
  • Delta Airlines system will automatically match with the global database
  • If your item is found, Delta Airline will ship it to your mentioned address without any extra charges otherwise, they will provide the full refund.

Report Your Loss

In every airport, there is a luggage lost and found counter. As soon as you realize that you made it to your destination but your luggage did not then must visit the lost and found counter to make a claim. A customer has to bring a baggage ticket. The experts of Delta Airlines will give you a form to fill out your details like name, address, passport number, phone number, baggage tag number, and a brief description of your bag. Then they will photocopy your luggage tag, your passport and the information you provided to them. Delta Airlines will search for your bag and will contact you as soon as they will find your lost luggage.

Baggage Allowance by Delta Airlines:

Delta Airlines offers a good luggage policy where people can carry what they allow. Delta Airlines permits you to carry bags up to 40 lbs, after that, an additional charge will be payable by you.

  • You can transport bags between 40-70 lbs, for which 55$ is charged for each baggage.
  • And for belongings between 70-100 lbs, only 100$ is charged for each baggage.